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Motorised positioning systems

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    Electronic positioning stages

    Electronic positioning stages are versatile, linear systems which are ideal for a traversing and positioning modules. The positioning stages and rotary positioning stages ensure that components, limit switches, sensors, picker arms and stops can be positioned to an accuracy of within hundredths of a millimetre. Electronic positioning stages from norelem offer users a broad range of design solutions for overcoming guiding and positioning challenges. Areas of application include machining centres within handling systems, in tooling machines or in measuring equipment.

    In spite of the motor, electronic positioning stages are low-noise and require little maintenance, and are a highly sought-after alternative to the manual variants that norelem also offers in its product portfolio. The modules for motorised adjustment and positioning tasks are suitable for running speeds of up to 1.2 m/min. and objects weighing up to 10 kg. Radial play of less than 0.02 mm and reverse play below 0.04 mm demonstrate that the electronic positioning tables operate at a very high level of accuracy in practice.

    The short version is available in size 8, and the long version in size 12. The electronic positioning stages can be ordered complete with a stepper motor and as a version with a stepper motor and positioning control. The version with the stepper motor and positioning control includes user-friendly programming software which can be downloaded free of charge.

    Note: Rotary positioning tables are only available in size 12 with a coaxial drive.

    As a general rule, all drive modules are manufactured from high-quality materials and components. The plain bearings and spindle nuts are therefore made from high-performance plastics. This makes the positioning tables extremely robust and durable in application, and it also ensures the units can be operated in the long term with no problems in practice, even at a duty cycle of 100%. The drive elements, such as spindles or shafts, are all manufactured from stainless steel and the body of the unit is made from anodised aluminium.

    In order to make life easier for the designer and developer, the motorised positioning tables are compatible with all other components of the same size (using modular system which is typical of norelem). This affords a great deal of flexibility in order to create solutions which are ultimately adapted to customer requirements. Multi-axis systems which include end-position sensors can be implemented easily. The range is made complete with an extensive selection of accessories such as proximity switches and the corresponding sensor holders.