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Drill bushes

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    norelem drill bushes

    Drill bushes enable the of workpieces without having to repeatedly measure and mark out the drilling positions. These practical aids, which guide the drill directly into the drilling jig, not only ensure a precise hole pattern, but also ensure that the drill point does not wander off.

    In contrast to drilling holes without using a jig – manually guided drilling – the use of drill bushes considerably simplifies the drilling process and achieves significantly cleaner results by specification of a fixed penetration angle.

    All drill bushes are made from hardened special low carbon steel ensuring high quality demands, giving them an especially long service life.

    Advantages of norelem drill bushes at a glance:

    -          Rapid drilling

    -          Customised hole pattern

    -          Exact configuration

    -          Common standard parts system

    -          Drill point does not wander

    -          Simplifies the drilling process

    -          Clean drilling results

    -         Use of special low carbon steel for high qualioty and long life

    Application sectors for norelem drill bushes

    Drilling bushes are often used when drilling deep holes in mechanical engineering. The norelem drill bushes are used by the manufacture of tools for vehicle construction and diverse other industrial branches such as the various handcrafts where they find daily use. This is why norelem drill bushes are designed for harsh environments and a long service life.

    Types, Forms and StandardsZylindrische-Bohrbuchsen-Cylindrical-drill-bushes

    At norelem you get drill bushes for the most diverse requirements - precision tools according to your specifications. Either cylindrical drill bushes , flanged drill bushes , push-in drill bushes , clamp drill bushes or shoulder screw with flat head for push-in drill bushes – suitable dimensions and variety of forms enable an exact configuration according to requirements. 

    According to the type, the drill bushes conform to the current standards (DIN 172, DIN 173, DIN 179 and ISO 4247) and are available in Form A (bore rounded one end) and Form B (bore rounded both ends).

    DIN 172 – Flanged drill bushes

    The flange on these drill bushes prevents the bush being pressed fully into the recieving bore. DIN 172 flanged drill bushes sit a little bit proud of the jig plates top face;Zylindrische-Bohrbuchsen-Cylindrical-drill-bushes-Form-A-B

    • Form A: The bore is rounded on one end
    • Form B: The bore is rounded both ends

    DIN 173 – Push-in drill bushes

    In contrast to DIN 179 drill bushes, DIN 173 bushes can be quickly removed and exchanged enabling different diameter bushes to be used in the same jig. When used together with DIN 173 clamping bushes, DIN 173 panhead screws and DIN 912 cap screws, sure results are guaranteed. .Steckbohrbuchsen-Drill-bushes-push-in-Form-K-L

    • Form A: No insert chamfer – These drill bushes are used predominantly to guide drills in drilling jigs as they enable a rapid change for different drill diameters.
    • Form K: These are quick-change bushes for right-hand drills.
    • Form L: These are replacement bushes.

    DIN 173 – Drill bush clamp

    Bush clamps are used to secure push-in drill bushes. They lock the drill bush in place and ensure safety during machine operation. Note: The 1.0711 steel bush clamps are supplied with a steel DIN 912 cap screw eliminating the need to separately acquire the screw required to fasten the bush in place.

    DIN 179 - Cylindrical drill bushes

    The DIN 179 drill bushes are parallel cylindrical drill bushes. They are machined from a special low-carbon steel and then case hardened and ground.

    Cylindrical drill bushes are also often used as positioning bushes. The bushes can be pressed in flush to the work surface. DIN 179 drill bushes can be combined with DIN 173 push-in drill bushes.

    • Form A: The bore is rounded on one end
    • Form B: The bore is rounded both ends

    DIN 173 Flat head screws for push-in drill bushes

    The steel flat head screws are used with DIN 173 push-in drill bushes with a diameter of up 30 mm. If flat head screw are required for an application, these from norelem will meet all requirements.

    Our screws are grade 10.9. They are available in the sizes M5 to M8 making them ideal for mounting drill bushes. The drill bushes can only be correctly mounted with no annoying protruding edges when the correct size of flat head screw is used.


    Drill bush data sheet

    In the following you will find an overview of all data sheets concerning the norelem drill bushes: