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Ball-end thrust screws with head


Screw carbon steel.
Ball ball-bearing steel.
Screw grade min. 10.9, black.
Ball hardened, bright.
Form A with full ball is used when a clean, polished contact surface is required. Surfaces which are not flat and parallel can be firmly clamped or supported with Form B with flattened ball, the movable ball can adapt itself up to 9°.
Drawing reference
Form A: full ball
Form B: flattened ball
Form BV: flattened ball, rotation lock
Form F: serrated flattened ball
Form FV: serrated flattened ball, rotation lock

Ball-end thrust screws

Ball-end thrust screws are used for clamping or as a rest element for workpieces. They are also often used in equipment manufacturing for tool machines. They consist of a standard screw and a captured ball at the end of the thread. Thanks to the swivel ball which adapts to the surface of the workpiece, an exact pressure or index point is formed without damaging the surface of the material. The clamping force can also be adjusted using the screw thread.

The norelem product range includes ball-end thrust screws in numerous and various variations.