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Weld-on D-rings

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Eye 1.6541 steel.
Welding block, S355JR steel.
D-ring forged, high tensile tempered, red plastic coated.
Welding block forged, high tensile tempered, bright.
Weld-on D-rings enable quick installation.

They offer a compact design and can be loaded from all sides, with 4x safety factor against breakage.

The welding block is forged from easy to weld S355JR (St 52-3). The small knobs serve as spacers for the air gap required for fillet welding (ca. 3 mm).
The load data given in the table is clearly marked on the welding block, they apply to worst scenario cases for the lifting type shown.

Welding must be carried out by a proficient welder certified to EN 287-1.