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Grippers and inserts round with counterbore


Form C, F tool steel
Form E, O stainless steel
Form K POM
Form C, F hardened and black oxidised.
Form E, hardened, bright.
Form K white.
Form O with diamond impregnated surface comparable to 100 grade abrasive grit.
Grippers and inserts are ideal for use in clamping arms, gripping systems, clamping fixtures, clamping jaws and self-aligning pads. The use of grippers allows the transfer of very high torque values and above average grip, even with hard materials and surface irregularities.

Form O: The abrasive diamond surface is bonded firmly to the base. It is ideally suited to supporting smooth or slippery applications with a minimum of clamping pressure. This allows the diamond particles to get a firm grip on a very small area with minimum damage to the surface.
The diamond surface offers excellent wear resistance.