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Locating pins with ball-end, Form B

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Tool steel or 1.4305 stainless steel.
Steel hardened and ground.
Stainless steel ground and kolsterised.
Ball end locating pins are specially designed to ease the locating process. The tendency to jam, caused by the locating hole not being at right angles to the pin or by the pushing force not being parallel to the pin axis, is minimized by the ball-end form (see illustration).

Locating pins with ball end

Locating pins with ball-end are suitable for setting up installation fixtures. Thanks to their locating-friendly design, fixtures can be easily accommodated by the pins without jamming. Moreover, the clamping inclination is kept to a minimum by the ball end and the connecting ball incline. This is achieved by the inclined setup of the join part.

Locating pins with ball-end from norelem are available in a wide variety of versions and forms.