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Locating cylinders with quick clamping system

6 Products


Locating cylinder carbon steel.
Balls roller bearing steel.
Locating cylinder tempered, black oxidised.
Balls hardened, bright.
Locating cylinder with quick-clamp system for extra timesaving during setups.

Insert the locating cylinder into the receiving hole and press the button. The three balls are pushed out and position the components. By tightening the set screw a 1/4 turn using an hexagonal key, the components are positively and securely held.

Locating cylinder with quick clamping system

The positioning and clamping system mechanism enables precise and rapid positioning and fastening of tooling and base plates. This ensures additional time saving during setups.


First, place the positioning cylinder in the bore and press the button. The three positioning balls are forced outwards to position the component. Tighten the setscrew using a hex key so that a positive and secure hold on the component is achieved.