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Locating cylinder stainless steel, pneumatic


By locating cylinder Form A, the clamping balls are pushed out by a spring. Compressed air is used to retract the balls.

By locating cylinder Form B, the clamping balls are initially retracted. Compressed air pushes the balls out.
Body, stainless steel.
Seal, NBR.
Stainless steel bright.
Note for ordering
Form A is marked with a groove.
The stated clamping and retaining forces are related to an operating pressure of 0.5 Mpa.
When using several positioning units, the distance tolerance of ± 0.1 mm should not be exceeded.
Repeat accuracy ±0.2 mm.
Installation dimensions are for a 6 mm thick plate.
Drawing reference
1) Form A ID groove
2) Pneumatic connection
3) Locating bush for locating cylinder
4) Form A locating cylinder
5) Form B locating cylinder