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03330-01 ES

Lateral spring plungers with plastic spring, stainless steel thrust pin

  • Dirt resistant
  • Press-in
  • Various spring forces
Special features:

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Sleeve and spring plastic.
Trust pin stainless steel.
Thrust pin bright.
Lateral spring plungers are used for positioning, holding and fastening workpieces in applications where there is increased presence of dirt.
For example: painting and sandblasting.

Calculation dimension X:
Y > = L1-D1/2, therefore X=D1/2-S
Y < L1-D1/2, therefore X =D1/2-S-((L1-D1/2-Y)*0,123)

Light spring force = blue spring
Standard spring force = red spring
Strong spring force = green spring
The sleeve is pressed into the hole.
It is recommended to moisten the sleeve before assembly.
Drawing reference
1) Assembly tool
2) Some sizes have a different pin form
Y = workpiece height
W = workpiece length
X = coordinate dimension
Z = stop diameter