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Mandrel collets

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Mandrel mild steel.
Taper-head screw low-carbon steel
Mandrel black oxidised.
Taper-head screw case-hardened.
The mandrel collet is ideal for finish machining turned parts. The diameter “D” can be turned or milled to suit the workpiece ID.
Low design - no interfering clamp straps.
Tightened using a hex socket wrench or hydraulics.

* D min. = smallest diameter to which “D” may be turned or milled.
Expand the mandrel approx. 0.1 mm over the relaxed diameter. Turn or mill the mandrel to suit the internal diameter of the workpiece. The base flange can be centred in a pocket or using dowel pins.
Drawing reference
1) taper-head screw

Clamping plugs

norelem mandrel collets are ideal for quick and easy fastening of workpieces. Mandrel collets are used most commonly in manufacturing technology, often for the finish-machining of turned parts. The diameter can be machined by turning or milling to suit the workpiece diameter. The mandrel collet is tightened or loosened either manually using a clamp nut and screw or pneumatically using a pneumatic cylinder on the machine.

The norelem range includes the conventional mandrel collets as well as mandrel collets with side lock.