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Centring clamps


Body steel.
Bushes carbon steel.
Black oxidised.
These centring clamps enable workpieces to be centred on and lightly clamped in a bore. The clamps have a wide expansion range. The series covers a bore range of Ø12 to Ø30 mm. To increase the centring accuracy the clamps with internal thread have a centring spigot (D2) for a locating hole. The centring accuracy is ±0.2 mm.
Centring clamps with female threads fit on M6 grid systems (see illustration).

Centring clamps

Centring clamps from norelem are ideal for centring and holding an article in an offset bore. This bore may need to be centred to enable bushes, couplings, adapters etc. to be positioned. Generally, the centring clamp ensures that a workpiece is centred on and firmly held in a bore. Centring clamps and mandrel collets have a wide clamping range and can be operated and adjusted using a normal hexagonal key. Centring clamps with female thread have a spigot which fits into a locating hole to increase the accuracy.

The centring clamps available from norelem cover a clamping range of 12 mm to 102.5 mm bore diameter. There are also various types of centring clamp on offer.