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02001 C

Self-aligning pads, swivel angle 14° and 20°, Form C, flattened ball, smooth face

  • Serve as supports, stops and thrust pads
  • Application sectors: machine and fixture construction, assembly
  • Self-aligning pad can be swivelled
  • Absorbtion of high load forces
  • O-ring for protection against dirt and foreign particles
Special features:

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Body in steel, ball in rust and acid resistant steel.
Body black oxidised.
Ball bright.
Self-aligning pads are used to support and clamp unmachined and machined workpieces. They also serve as stops, supports and thrust pads in fixture and toolmaking.
Grub screws or threaded studs can be screwed and glued into thread D2 making a self-aligning pad with external thread.

Ball secured against rotation.
- Self-aligning pads can be swiveled.
- High load forces can be absorbed.
- The built-in o-ring keeps dirt and foreign particles out, which in turn guarantees reliable operation.