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Swivel feet threaded spindles steel or stainless steel

  • Components for assembling a swivel foot
  • Application sectors: machine and equipment construction, logistics and assembly
  • Any threaded spindle can be combined with any plate
  • Material: steel or 1.4305 stainless steel
Special features:

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Steel or 1.4305 stainless steel
Steel trivalent blue passivated.
Stainless steel, bright.
Swivel feet consist of a threaded spindle and a plate joined together. Any threaded spindle can be combined with any plate.
The height of the complete swivel foot can be calculated from the length of the threaded spindle + height of hexagon + 22.5 mm.
(Overall height of swivel foot = L + L1 + 22.5 mm)

Depending on the version, threaded spindles can have a thread undercut in front of the hexagon.