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Miniature ball screw linear actuators ground, with flange nut

  • Precision spindles made of steel or stainless steel
  • Ground and inductively hardened
  • With finish-machined shaft ends
  • Application sectors: optics, food industry, medical technology, precision industrial technology
  • Ready to install
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Spindle and nut ground, induction hardened to 62 ±2 HRC and polished.
Miniature ball screw linear actuators with machined shaft ends and flange nuts. Supplied with oil coating. Re-lubrication is recommended.

Produced acc. to precision class C5. Without preloading with backlash (max. 0.008 mm).

Precision spindles for use in optics, the food industry, automation, medical technology, the defence industry, aeronautics and precision tool technology.
The flange nut must not be removed from the spindle, otherwise the balls fall out.