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Elastomer dog couplings with conical hub and clamping ring (similar to DIN 69002)

  • Suitable for high speeds
  • Vibration absorbing
  • Free of play through preload of the coupling star
  • Simple assembly (push-fit system)
Special features:

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Spider polyurethane hardness Shore 98A.
Hub aluminium.
Conical ring carbon steel.
This coupling series is particularly suitable for use in high speed main spindle or drill spindle drives. Before the plug-in assembly, both clamping ring hubs must be fastened to the shafts with the correct tightening torque. Lightly oil the spider to ease assembly.
The shaft to hub bore fit should be a transition fit. The play should be max. 0.02 mm. i.e:
shaft Ø 25 k6
bore Ø 25 G6.
Bores smaller than D1/D2 min. are possible, however an optimal transfer of the nominal torque is no longer guaranteed.
Hub bores D1 and D2 with separate tolerance class or range.
Drawing reference
1) elastomer spider