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Rotary module pneumatic heavy duty version

  • With double-acting drive cylinder
  • Rotation angle infinitely adjustable from 0° to 190°
  • High fit precision between the modules via centring system
  • Hardened, external and variable stop system
  • Repeat accuracy ±0.01°
Special features:

from kr16,966.41

plus sales tax


Housing high-strength aluminium.
Stop system steel.
Housing anodised.
Stop system hardened and black oxidised.
Maintenance-free pneumatic rotary module with double actuated drive cylinder, heavy duty version. Control by 4/2 or 5/2 directional valve. Pneumatic drive, 4-8 bar, constant, filtered (10 µm), dried, oiled or unoiled. Compressed air connection M5.
Modules of the same size can be combined with one another without adapter plates via the precise centring system by means of centring rings 20240.

The 0° – 190° rotation angle is infinitely adjustable.

Repeat accuracy ±0.01°.

Shock absorbers are supplied.